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The 5 things made CUSC different from other contractors.

1. I feel I am the best fit for this job, because I am a team player, very energetic.

2. I’m an Expert, Honest, Sincere and Responsible worker as I’m taking my work like my Responsibility.

3. Great communication with my Clients.

4. I love to juggle multiple tasks; will go the extra mile to get the job done

5. 100% GURANTEED Satisfaction.

We believe my abilities would be perfect for you. We can finish this job within the necessary time frame.


 Why outsorcing

IT Outsourcing helps you to increase the rhythm of your business activities in a rapid pace, save time, save money and gives you many other competitive advantages.

1. Achieve cost savings

2. Focus in core competences

3. Flexibility and scalability

4. Immediate access to people (capacity, skills)

5. Immediate acess to technology

6. Speed up time-to-market cycle

7. Quality improvements and process maturity

8. Share or optimise risk

9. Professional and experienced staffs and expertises

10. Working process abide by ISO 9001:2008 standard.


 Why VietNam

Efforts taken by Government to make Vietnam as one of the best software outsourcing destinations and its future in the global market.

Vietnam software outsourcing and factors that ensure its future sustainability in software market.

Vietnam software outsourcing has become one of the strengths of the economy of Vietnam because of the high returns that it has provided to the nation as a whole. Because Vietnam already has formed a strong base as far as their software development and outsourcing is concerned, thus, it is only a matter of hard work and dedication to maintain and improve this performance.

Even though it has created its foreign demand, but there is still potential for them to move up on the global value chain. In the software outsourcing business, the investors never compromise on the quality of the products; hence, efforts should be made to improve them further. The quality of the software could be improved further by training the employees that are involved in the process.
Policy measures that have made Vietnam an important software outsourcing destination

In the Southeastern nations of Asia, there is high competition between both India and Vietnam software outsourcing and this has led to high growth in this sector. Vietnam has the advantage of providing lower costs and cheap labor to firms, which are interested in investing in this nation. This is the main reason why even Indian software companies are starting operations in Vietnam so that they could further eliminate some of their excess costs and be more competitive than ever.
Efforts made on governmental level

In June 2000, when the software industry had just started to develop, the Vietnam Prime Minister Phan Van Khai signed a verdict to develop the software industry of this country. This can prove that the Vietnamese government had realized the potential opportunities that could be extracted by targeting the software industry, which can improve the economy. There were several policies designed to make Vietnam software outsourcing, an attractive destination for foreign companies. Import duties and tariffs were reduced on the software products and the value added tax rate was reduced to zero for these products. Also, as there were no export taxes on these software products, it witnessed a huge increase in its demand all around the world by both developing and developed nations.
Examples of some nations that consider Vietnam to be an attractive software outsourcing destination

Even the developed nations have realized the advantages that they could get by using Vietnam software outsourcing as a destination that could provide high benefits. Some of these strong nations comprise of Japanese, European and American software companies which find it to be an attractive place to invest not only because of the lower costs of production and cheap labor which is available there but also because the political, social and economic conditions of this country is better than other developing nations. Even though the combined effect of all these factors make Vietnam an attractive place to invest in, but this does not mean that there is low competition between Vietnam software outsourcing destination and other similar nations such as India.

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